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Toggle bookmarks

Right Click Menu


Shift+Ctrl+0 - Sets/replaces bookmark 0

Shift+Ctrl+1  Sets/replaces bookmark 1

Shift+Ctrl+2 - Sets/replaces bookmark 2

Shift+Ctrl+3 - Sets/replaces bookmark 3

Shift+Ctrl+4 - Sets/replaces bookmark 4

Shift+Ctrl+5 - Sets/replaces bookmark 5

Shift+Ctrl+6 - Sets/replaces bookmark 6

Shift+Ctrl+7 - Sets/replaces bookmark 7

Shift+Ctrl+8 - Sets/replaces bookmark 8

Shift+Ctrl+9 - Sets/replaces bookmark 9


This command places a mark beside the line holding the cursor. The mark is visible as a rectangle with number on the gutter. If the line is already marked, "Toggle Bookmark" removes the bookmark.


Go to bookmarks

Right Click Menu


Ctrl+0 - Goes to bookmark 0

Ctrl+1 - Goes to bookmark 1

Ctrl+2 - Goes to bookmark 2

Ctrl+3 - Goes to bookmark 3

Ctrl+4 - Goes to bookmark 4

Ctrl+5 - Goes to bookmark 5

Ctrl+6 - Goes to bookmark 6

Ctrl+7 - Goes to bookmark 7

Ctrl+8 - Goes to bookmark 8

Ctrl+9 - Goes to bookmark 9


Moves the cursor position in the editor window to a bookmark.

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